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Trust & Safety

Your safety is our number one priority.
Since 2015, members have safely shared over 100 million km on Poparide.
We’ve built trust and safety into our platform to help our members travel safely.

A community you can depend on

We go the extra mile to ensure our members have a safe experience on Poparide.

We verify our members.

All members have a verified email, phone number, and credit card or bank account before travelling.
For drivers, we’ll optionally verify your driver’s licence and add a verification badge on your profile to help you stand out and get more passengers.
Find out more about ID verification

You choose who you travel with.

It’s always your choice who you travel with, and we never automatically match you with other members.
Before you travel, you can review a member’s profile, including their name, photo, reviews from other members, number of Facebook friends and more.
Find out more about our booking process

We monitor activity closely.

We keep a close eye on activity in our community and have automated checks in place to ensure a safe and reliable experience.
Designed to keep our members safe, we have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment or stalking and strict policies against speeding and distracted driving.

Your money is safe with us.

All rides are booked through our secure payment system.
We hold funds for 4 days after the trip in case there is a dispute and we need to issue any refunds. All transactions are processed via Stripe and PayPal, two of the most secure payment providers available.

You're covered under regular car insurance.

Poparide operates under carpooling laws which allow drivers to fill their empty seats when they’re already driving from A to B to cover their costs.
Since drivers are not turning a profit and are only covering their costs when using Poparide, they are generally covered under their regular auto insurance.
Read more on the legality of carpooling

You’re protected from scams.

To avoid scams, members always pay and communicate directly through the Poparide website or app.
As long as you keep all communication, booking and payments on Poparide, you’ll be protected by our member protection system.

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Our friendly support team is available 7 days a week to make sure you have a positive experience.
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