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Our story

Our team is on a mission to fill empty seats in cars and make travel more social, affordable and sustainable for everyone.
We provide a city-to-city carpooling service that connects drivers who are already driving from A to B with passengers heading in the same direction.
Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Vancouver, BC, our service boasts over 900,000 members across Canada.
Poparide story

Founder story

In 2010, Flo Devellennes moved to Vancouver with the goal of skiing as much as possible. While driving to Whistler Mountain, he picked up hitchhikers who found it difficult and expensive to travel without a car. That’s how he got the idea of building a simple website to help connect people driving to the mountains with passengers looking for rides.
Soon the word got out, and over the next few years thousands of people signed up to carpool and share rides to Whistler. Flo’s project that started out serving local skiers was growing and becoming something much bigger.
In 2014, Flo partnered with Luke Burden, a good friend and software engineer, to grow the service across Canada. After launching a new platform and mobile app, word continued to spread and the carpooling community exploded in popularity.
Today Poparide is used by thousands of people across Canada who share Flo and Luke’s vision of reducing driving costs and our environmental impact while bringing people together to share experiences in the real world.
Poparide has come a long way since its humble beginnings, yet it continues to retain its original member culture with a strong focus on people helping people. Flo and Luke love serving our members, many of whom have taught us the importance of building a community based on trust no matter how big we grow. Our founders have built a team that cares deeply about our member experiences and listens carefully to their feedback to help make travel more accessible, convenient and enjoyable for everyone.
We’re no longer a carpooling website for local skiers—we’re a platform that’s changing the way people travel across the country.
As we continue to grow, we promise that one thing will always remain the same: we’ll stand by Flo and Luke’s original vision to make travel more social, affordable and sustainable for everyone.
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